Obstetrics Overview

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Obstetrics Overview

Serving the Greater Miami Area

Women & Teens Healthcare understands that only the best is good enough for you and your baby. With state of the art diagnostic equipment (including a 4D ultrasound) we ensure the best prenatal care. We help you advance through every step of your pregnancy, including postpartum care. We do offer prenatal care up to 25 weeks gestation. We have a list of OB/GYN doctors to refer our patients once they are over 25 weeks who will continue to follow them and provide antenatal care and delivery.

Obstetrics Services:

4D Ultrasound

Prenatal Care

Confirmation of Pregnancy

General Prenatal Examinations until 25 weeks

Postpartum Care

Proof of Pregnancy

Screening Tests for Birth Defects

Harmony & Panorama Testing


Genetic Testing

Level II Ultrasound

Preconception Counseling

Routine Tests in Pregnancy