4D Ultrasound

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4D Ultrasound

Serving the Greater Miami Area

We are very happy to offer expecting moms an opportunity to view their unborn baby by using the latest ultrasound technology.

The ultrasounds are performed by medically trained and qualified personnel supervised by our medical director. This area of exploration has been revolutionalized with the development of three dimensional scans and even more remarkably 3D scans which move in real time known as 4D scans.


Over three decades of extensive research studies have shown that ultrasounds do not caused fetal or maternal harm. 3D/4D ultrasound uses the same intensity of ultrasonic waves in a traditional 2D ultrasound which has become a normal procedure in all pregnancies.


We have several 3D/4D Ultrasound Packages, priced at different levels, to meet your needs and to preserve the most memorable moments of your pregnancy. Our ultrasound packages are based on the number of sessions, gender determination of your baby, color pictures, black and white prints, Picture CD and DVD videos.