Surgical Abortion

We recognize that your decision to have an abortion or continue a pregnancy is neither simple nor easy. However, our doctor and staff respect and support your decision. We will provide you with the highest quality medical care to insure a safe outcome. If you choose to end your pregnancy and it has been 9 weeks or less since your last period, you may be able to have a medical abortion (pill).

The Procedure

Our surgical abortions are performed in a fully equipped gynecological examining room. The doctor will first re-confirm your pregnancy with a pelvic exam or ultrasound to determine the size of your uterus. Assisting the doctor will be highly trained personnel who will support you throughout the procedure.


“Relief” is often the word used to describe the experience. Legal abortions allow your health and well-being to be safeguarded while providing the opportunity for future normal pregnancies; giving us a society of children born by choice.

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