Pelvic Exam

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Pelvic Exam

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The pelvic examination is a “check-up” of your vagina (inside and outside), cervix (opening of the uterus) and uterus (womb). Your doctor will look inside the vagina with a speculum and may also take tests at that time such as a Pap smear and tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia.

What happens during the pelvic exam?

During the pelvic exam, drops of discharge from the vagina may be examined under the microscope to check for yeast, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and irritation or infection of the cervix. Looking carefully at the outside and inside of the vagina does a check for genital warts, herpes, or a syphilis sore.

The second part of a pelvic examination is when the doctor puts two fingers inside the vagina and checks the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries for normal development, infection (such as PID), tubal pregnancy or ovarian cysts. This pelvic examination is not painful.