Students need information about ‘Plan B’


In a recent study it was surprising to discover the exact number of students who actually knew about the “morning after” pill and how it works.

Even though emergency contraception (Also known as “Plan B” & “morning after pill” ) has been available in clinics and doctors offices for many years, a lot of young people are not fully informed as to what the drug does. This has resulted in a large number of unintended pregnancies in this country.

From the article:

Only 38 per cent of the group knew that emergency contraception is available over-the-counter at pharmacies and a similar number were also unaware of other places of access,” Dr Calabretto said.

The important message is that students and young people need more knowledge about the “morning after pill” and also to be aware that it can be obtained without seeing a doctor from the pharmacy.

The Article: Science Alert – Students miss ‘morning after’

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Written by an OB/GYN with over 25 years experience in adolescent health care in Canada, West Indies, Europe and the US.