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Medical Abortions

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Medical Abortions

Serving the Greater Miami Area

Because of its proven safety and effectiveness, we recommend the medical abortion (also know as an abortion pill, RU486 or medication abortion) for patients who are early into their pregnancy. Consultation, ultrasound, blood test, medicine (pill) and follow up appointment standardly included. We have had excellent results ever since we started offering this option. If its been over 10 weeks since your last period, we recommend a surgical abortion.

Medical Abortion Benefits

  • High success rate (about 95-98%)
  • Non-surgical and with a low complication rate.
  • No shots, anesthesia or instruments
  • Oral pain medication and antibiotics are included at no additional cost
  • Free follow up visit to confirm that the process is complete.
  • The whole experience is similar to menstruation.

A medical abortion uses two medications to end a pregnancy. The first, mifepristone or methotrexate, given on the first visit weakens the attachment of the pregnancy to the uterus. The second, misoprostol which is given on the second visit, makes the uterus cramp and causes bleeding, which expels the pregnancy.


“Relief” is often the word used to describe the experience. Legal abortions allow your health and well-being to be safeguarded while providing the opportunity for future normal pregnancy; giving us a society of children born by choice.